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We are the home of the Dayton Raiders Swim Team and the Masters Fitness Facility.  Masters Fitness in combination with the pool provides the Raider families and the public a swimming and exercise prescription filled under one roof.  This facility enables families to come take advantage of a fun, enjoyable aquatic center that offers something for everyone in the family.  Parents can rest assured knowing the time they spend at the Dayton Raiders Aquatic Center is active, positive, and motivating to everyone.

Our approach at this facility is to focus on each individual’s goals.  The environment is fun, energetic, and keeps youth and adults active at the same time.  We take pride in making sure each individual is a priority regardless of age.  We strive to offer programs that accommodate individuals with diverse fitness goals and we maintain a schedule that allows parents and children to workout at the same time.  In addition to offering a family fitness environment, the facility also consists of swimming and fitness coaches that are knowledgeable and committed to inspiring, educating, and training all levels of athletes.

Another area of our aquatic center is our Junior Wellness Studio.  This unique area within our facility focuses on educating our youth on developing effective fitness skills and proper exercising techniques.  In contrast to other fitness facilities, this wellness circuit program follows the latest and proven methods of the fitness industry guidelines for youth training.  These guidelines provide a foundation and direction to effectively help all youth including athletes, non-athletes, and children with disabilities.  One of the growing concerns in our society today is our youth not staying active enough, which is resulting in a growing number of overweight children in our society.  Our circuit-training program allows us to do our part to decrease this epidemic by inspiring our youth to remain active and excited about fitness.  Our professional fitness staff is here to guide, encourage, and positively influence the youth of today.

The addition of the Masters Fitness area is one piece of the puzzle in providing the Dayton Raiders Swim Team and the public not just a place to practice but to one day be nationally recognized.  In addition to finalizing the purchase of the facility in February 2013 and expanding the services provided within, several improvements are in process and will continue throughout the years coming.  The vision of the Dayton Raiders as a team and the facility as a whole is ground breaking.  In February 2014, the new Masters Fitness addition enables swimmers and their families to train and workout.  Not only is this an addition for the Raider team but also open to the public to workout and enjoy as a family.  The next phases of the Dayton Raiders Aquatic Center is provide multiple aquatic and fitness programs for youth and adults.  The final phases of expansion for the facility are for the inclusion of a 50-meter Olympic sized pool, qualifying this facility as the first Midwestern aquatic center to have a pool this size. The Dayton Raiders Aquatic Center is on its way to having local, state, and national recognition for aquatics and fitness within a world-class facility!

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