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As your child develops, he or she will show signs and desires directly relating to fitness. These fitness signs are as simple as jumping off their bed, wanting to go outside and run, or even talking about playing games during recess. A study on childhood socialization suggests, “Participants in elementary school were most strongly influenced by their parents and their parents ability and opportunity to play. Parental activity levels play a dominant role in their children’s activity levels.” Whatever the activity may be, we as parents need to take advantage of the opportunity to cater and create every child’s inner desire to be physically active!

The developmental skills acquired during childhood correlate to strong cognitive development. The stages of childhood development are unique to each child. The fitness coaches at DRSC-Masters Fitness are here to help every child by catering to their current developmental stage. Your child’s customized fitness journey starts now in the Junior Wellness Studio and we want to make it happen! We will help your child:
-Develop proper exercise techniques
-Maintain a healthy body weight
-Regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels
-Combat diabetic issues
Build your child’s self-esteem and confidence

The current era of technology with video games and computers has taken the place of physical activity amongst our youth. Now that I have your attention and you are thinking about how much today’s technology enhancements are influencing our youth, the time is now to debunk the myth that strength training for children is not beneficial. Together we can get them educated and energized about fitness!

Strength training for youth has been around for decades. According to the National Strength Training Association, strength training for youth has many benefits.

-Improved strength and coordination                                                                            

-Increased muscle endurance                                                    photodune-5712625-sports-equipment-xs
-Improved sport performance

-Increased bone density

-Improved health.
-Improved bone strength/bone density

-Reduced risk for injury

-Improved self-image and self-confidence        

This proven method of properly conditioning young bodies begins your child’s fitness journey to a healthy and active lifestyle. The Junior Wellness Studio provides the proper instruction, guidance, and positive encouragement that youth need when implementing a strength-training program into their lives. Our goal for the Junior Wellness Studio is to provide a place for children to develop a path where an active lifestyle is the main objective.


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